Auto-Sterilization Water Dispenser

Features & Options

  • Pre-Boil Filtered Water prior to down-flow to Ambient / Chilled Water Tank
  • Capacity : Hot (23 L), Chilled (8.5 L), Ambient (4 L)
  • Auto-Sterilization of Tanks and Tubing with Pressurized Steam Weekly
  • Infra-Red Sensing ECO Power Saving System
  • Forged Stainless Steel Faucets of Electronic Dispensing Function
  • Water Leakage Detection with Auto Shut-Off Protection System
  • Display of Hot/Ambient/Chilled Water Temperature
  • LCD Indicator of Water Level
  • Built-in Direct Drinkable Filtration System


Taiwan Green Mark
Taiwan Energy Saving Label
Taiwan CNS Mark (6816/6882/6883)


Dimension: W440 x D550 x H1540 (mm) ±5mm

Operating Voltage: AC220V ~ 50Hz

Heating Power: 2000 Watts

Chilling Power: 245 Watts

Tank Capacity: H: 23 (L) / C: 8.5 (L) / A: 4 (L)

Water Pressure: 40 - 70 psi

Filtration System: Built-in Direct Drinkable Filtration System

Made in Taiwan

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